Black Blob Draguno Farbearus Giant Spiders
Gilaworm Menabaws Sharks and Crocodiles Sloth-eating Trees
Sneaker Worm      

Black Blob - Click for Audio Black Blob: This creature can stretch its body out like tar but when it gathers its body together, it becomes a powerful eating machine. Simon is chased by one on Pudo.

Draguno - Click for Audio Draguno: A 9 foot lizard on Pudo. Some can breathe fire. They have a one-thousand year gestation period.

Farbearus - Click for Audio Farbearus: Beast of burden on Pudo with massive hind legs and a wide muscular body. They can run very fast on their hind legs.

Giant Spiders - Click for Audio Giant Spiders: Black spiders which have been mutated by high concentrations of Electro-Magical energy. They are found in the caves on Pudo and are very poisonous. They have a tough shelled body and a powerful web which reacts like acid to skin.

Gilaworm - Click for Audio Gilaworm: A slug-like worm with gray rubbery skin. They make no sound and have no teeth. Normally they are about 15 inches long and 6 inches thick, but Simon finds some huge ones on Pudo.

Menabaws - Click for Audio Menabaws: Squid-like creatures with three eyes and long tentacles that Mrs. Troodle made as appetizers for Simonís first meal on Pudo.

Sharks and Crocodiles - Click for Audio Sharks and Crocodiles: There are several variety on Pudo, except they look and react differently than the ones on Earth. For example, one shark has a long beak like a swordfish, another massive shark can swim in fresh water, and a particular crocodile that attacks Simon has two tails.

Sloth-eating Trees - Click for Audio Sloth-eating Trees: A tree on Pudo that extends its green bony hand out for unsuspecting animals to rest on.

Sneaker Worm - Click for Audio Sneaker Worm: A snake-like parasitical creature who kills the body it enters and then masquerades as the host to gather information as a spy.