Big Pud Dead Planet E.M. Enforcer Electro-Magical Energy
Guardians of the Crown High King Imperial Council Little Pud
Power of Gee Project Purity Royal family Scientific Society

Big Pud - Click for Audio Big Pud: For hundreds of years, they have been treated as inferior beings. They work in servitude their whole lives and are controlled by the little Puds. Most have security collars which secrete a mind-numbing agent. At one time, the big Puds were the dominant force on Pudo.

Dead Planet - Click for Audio Dead Planet: A very rare phenomenon in the paraverse where a paraworld is void of Electro-Magical energy. Pudo was a dead planet.

E.M. Enforcer - Click for Audio E.M. Enforcer: An elite magician–best of the best–who travels the paraverse and maintains the magical law in behalf of the Royal family.

Electro-Magical Energy - Click for Audio Electro-Magical Energy: E.M. for short. Waves of energy that can be illuminated as green light under certain conditions. This energy is used for many things such as magic, paratravel, magical or scientific devices, power sources, etc. When casting a spell, the energy enters the person and then is released with the casting of the spell. This energy is everywhere but tends to form into pockets, which may have varying concentrations.

Guardians of the Crown - Click for Audio Guardians of the Crown: Protectors of the Crown. The guardians are a group of powerful magicians–many of whom belong to the Royal family–who oversee the affairs of the government as directed by the High King.

High King - Click for Audio High King: The supreme ruler of the known paraverse. When the king dies, the Power of the Ancients bestows itself onto his first-born son and makes that son heir to the throne. Because he has been given the Power of the Ancients, his magical abilities are above all others.

Imperial Council - Click for Audio Imperial Council: This is the governing body which consists of representatives from each of the known paraworlds. They report to the High King.

Little Pud - Click for Audio Little Pud: Currently the dominant race on Pudo. These dwarf-sized people have superior intellects but are grossly lacking in common sense, art, and creativity.

Power of Gee - Click for Audio Power of Gee: A group of trained fighters who intermingled the ancient art of karate with the awesome power of magic. Tabatha Burke is part of this order.

Project Purity - Click for Audio Project Purity: A plan set up by the little Puds to build a huge machine that would destroy all of the dragunos and protect Highland City. Was directed by General Banton.

Royal family - Click for Audio Royal family: Relatives of the High King. Some hold positions of office while others live normal lives.

Scientific Society - Click for Audio Scientific Society: SS for sort. A group of anti-magic believers who feel that the Electrical-Magical energy should be used for science instead of for magic.