Coin-shaped Microchip Displacement Sword Doongle E.M. Absorption Device
E.M. Reactor/Machine Energy Shield Great Machine/Generator Holonet
Ivory-handled Knife Life-Ring Little Red Book Preservation Gas Mask

Coin-shaped Microchip - Click for Audio Coin-shaped Microchip: Special chip that Tabatha stole from General Mayham. The chip finally ended up in Lord Vaylenís hands.

Displacement Sword - Click for Audio Displacement Sword: Very rare and unique weapon which can only be used by Griffen Lasher. The mass index of the blade can be changed to go through objects and stun opponents.

Doongle - Click for Audio Doongle: A type of money used on Pudo.

E.M. Absorption Device - Click for Audio E.M. Absorption Device: A device used to suck up the E.M. waves in the vicinity so that magic canít be used.

E.M. Reactor/Machine - Click for Audio E.M. Reactor/Machine: Used as a power source for weapons, engines, etc., but is sometimes used by zealous magicians to magnify their powers.

Energy Shield - Click for Audio Energy Shield: One of Griffen Lasherís many devices on his belt that he can use to defend himself. The shield can be adjusted to go over his entire body if he needs it to.

Great Machine/Generator - Click for Audio Great Machine/Generator: The ancient Puds built this machine to suck up all of the Electro-Magical waves and use those waves to kill the dragunos. This was what Project Purity was all about.

Holonet - Click for Audio Holonet: The Internet, but with holographic images.

Ivory-handled Knife - Click for Audio Ivory-handled Knife: Butch has a unique knife he received as a birthday present. The handle is made of ivory and is in the shape of a cobra. One of the green emerald eyes is missing.

Life-Ring - Click for Audio Life-Ring: A special ring which is linked to a personís life force. Tiny lights on the ring indicate the personís well-being.

Little Red Book - Click for Audio Little Red Book: A key in the form of a red book which turns on the giant machine on Pudo. Simon finds this key in the library.

Preservation Gas Mask - Click for Audio Preservation Gas Mask: Special mask used to see through the preservation gas in the sealed portion of the library. It can also alter the wearerís vision in many different ways.