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Mobile Paratransmitter - Click for Audio Mobile Paratransmitter: A portable device that uses Electro-Magical energy to transport the user down the parastream to another parallel world. Blue energy usually surrounds the person as he or she is flying through the parasteam.

Parallel Worlds - Click for Audio Parallel Worlds: Unique, alternative worlds that coexist at the same time but share the same location in space. Each parallel world is linked to the other worlds by an Electro-Magical force that acts like a conduit from one dimension to the next. Consequently, this Electro-Magical energy can also be tapped into for the use of magical spells and for transportation between other parallel worlds.

Parastream - Click for Audio Parastream: A labyrinth of huge tunnels that lead to different parallel worlds. The walls look like they are covered with orange oil mixed in with thick, red water. The two liquids ripple as waves of energy pulsate through the cavern like a heartbeat. The parastream is like the umbilical cord that feeds each world with Electro-Magical energy. However, there are no Electro-Magical waves within the actual tubes that paratravelers travel down. The walls are extremely resilient and cannot be damaged. Some creatures that act as “cleaners” live in the parastream. It can be referred to as a slipstream or wormhole.

Paratransceiver - Click for Audio Paratransceiver: It's the same as paratransmitter with a couple exceptions. It transports the user much faster than a mobile paratransmitter and is also more accurate. It sends the user to another paratransceiver in the paraverse, but it does have a limited distance it can reach.

Paratravel/Paratraveler - Click for Audio Paratravel/Paratraveler: A paratransceiver was the only way to travel throughout the paraverse for centuries. Because only a few paratravelers could travel at any given time with a paratransceiver, traffic was very limited. Now that the mobile Paratransmitter has been created, paratravel has increased. Space ships have been equipped with mobile devices, which allow them to travel short distances in the parastream before their engines need to be recharged. The paraverse is opening up to large-scale commerce.

Paraverse - Click for Audio Paraverse: Billions of worlds that coexist in the same location of space and time but in different dimensions. Each world is linked to the others through Electro-Magical energy, which comes from Paraworld Zero.

Paraworld - Click for Audio Paraworld: A planet within the paraverse. It has similar characteristics as Earth but does not contain identical people, languages, and structures as might be expected in a multi-dimensional universe. Different types of people live on each paraworld. Also known as P-world.