Centarious Paraworld Marmasuel Paraworld 1423 (Marsupia) Paraworld 4329 (Chamel)
Paraworld Bantu Paraworld Seven Paraworld Zero Pudo
White Planet      

Centarious Paraworld - Click for Audio Centarious Paraworld: This parallel world was destroyed by General Mayham and Captain Drackus just as we first met Griffen Lasher. It had three moons but one of the moons collided into the planet.

Marmasuel - Click for Audio Marmasuel: The parallel world where Griffen Lasher is from. This world was destroyed under the direction of Captian Drackus. Despite the fact that all of its citizens were deeply religious and peaceful, they have all been hunted and killed, except for Griffen Lasher.

Paraworld 1423 (Marsupia) - Click for Audio Paraworld 1423 (Marsupia): This is the parallel world that Tonya was trying to get to on her first field trip. The citizens of Marsupia live mostly underground and as they grow older they actually become younger looking.

Paraworld 4329 (Chamel) - Click for Audio Paraworld 4329 (Chamel): The parallel world where Tonya and Mr. Doyle are from. People from this parallel world have a strange characteristic in which their hair changes colors according to what they are feeling.

Paraworld Bantu - Click for Audio Paraworld Bantu: A parallel world where General Mayhamís space carrier was hovering above when we first met Tabatha Burke.

Paraworld Seven - Click for Audio Paraworld Seven: This is the parallel world where the Imperial City is located. This is the headquarters of the governing body of the known paraverse. It is also one of the oldest known paraworlds.

Paraworld Zero - Click for Audio Paraworld Zero: The original world which spawned all of the parallel worlds. Each parallel world receives its Electro-Magical energy from this world. Simon and Butch are from Paraworld Zero (Earth) and so was the original High King.

Pudo - Click for Audio Pudo: The first parallel world where Simon visits. He is stranded on this parallel world throughout most of the first book because there wasnít any Electro-Magical energy on the planet. There are two races on this planet: a large giant race and a small dwarf race.

White Planet - Click for Audio White Planet: Simon travels to Lord Vaylenís ice-covered parallel world at the end of the first book. This is also the planet where Butch was sent to when he was separated from Simon and Tonya.