Butch (Francis Eugene Oswald) Captain Drackus Charles Dr. & Mrs. Troodle
Ezra Bromwell General Banton General Mayham Griffen Lasher
Grog Gwin Harr Holo-649
King Pentagola Lady Cassandra Vaylen Leander Payne Little Har
Lord Theobolt Vaylen Mayor Gordon Merworth Mr. Doyle
Mrs. Trimble Ralfus/Margo Vaylen Sara, Buz, & Spike Simon T. Kent
Tabatha Burke Thornapple Troodle Tonya  

Butch (Francis Eugene Oswald) - Click for Audio Butch (Francis Eugene Oswald): Butch is Simon’s main antagonist. He has a cruel temperament, and while Simon was in his coma, he secretly became an ultramage with the help of Lord Vaylen. He is very athletic and was very popular back on Earth. He, like Simon, possesses internal Electro-Magical energy which allows him to cast spells during situations where no one else (except Simon) can. Because his parents were murdered, he lived a few years in the orphanage with Simon.

Captain Drackus - Click for Audio Captain Drackus: He is a space captain with a strong desire to experiment with Electro-Magical energy to create advancements in technology. He was the one who gave the order to destroy all of Griffen’s people.

Charles - Click for Audio Charles: A short, balding technician on Captain Drakus’s ship. He discovered how to make it so the holodroids could carry weapons.

Dr. & Mrs. Troodle - Click for Audio Dr. & Mrs. Troodle: These two are Thorn’s parents. They are especially prideful and prejudice towards the large Puds, but are learning to overcome that prejudice. They are geniuses, like everyone else from Pudo. Dr. Troodle is the head physician at the hospital where he works and has some clout in the community.

Ezra Bromwell - Click for Audio Ezra Bromwell: He represents Paraworld Seven in the Imperial Council. He is also known as the most powerful ultramage, save the High King, in the paraverse. He is hundreds of years old and is in charge of the Magical School of Learning at the Royal City.

General Banton - Click for Audio General Banton: A tiny Pud who constructed the giant machine on Pudo a thousand years ago. He betrayed his people but also turned the tables on the large Puds and made them slaves.

General Mayham - Click for Audio General Mayham: He is a warmonger who lives a bitter life with the memories of something that happened a long time ago. He blames magic for his misery and wants to destroy everyone who uses magic. He is a leader in the Scientific Society and works closely with Captain Drackus.

Griffen Lasher - Click for Audio Griffen Lasher: Griffen is the last remaining person from his race (Marmasuelians). He is a good swordsman and fighter and an excellent magician. He has brown hair and honey-colored eyes. The most interesting thing about Griffen is that he can take upon himself the pains and ailments of others. Although he is deeply religious (everyone from his race were highly religious), he can have a temper at times. He has made a vow never to kill and he has a displacement sword that helps him to keep this vow.

Grog - Click for Audio Grog: This man is the leader of a certain tribe of big Puds on Pudo. He is very strong and large.

Gwin - Click for Audio Gwin: A teenage girl from Pudo. According to Thornapple, she’s the “prettiest” girl in school. Although she’s a small Pud, she is very open to the world and different ways of thinking.

Harr - Click for Audio Harr: Little Har’s father. He is a fisherman. His wife was killed by the dragunos but he still has seven sons and one daughter.

Holo-649 - Click for Audio Holo-649: Although she is a tiny hologram produced by a shard of metal, she has a spunky personality. She appears to be an elderly woman. She is at least a thousand years old. She is linked to Simon’s DNA and so Simon is her master. She has a wealth of knowledge and can download streams of data from various sources.

King Pentagola - Click for Audio King Pentagola: He was the High King a thousand years ago. He married a woman from Pudo and tried to help protect Pudo from the Lisardians but failed.

Lady Cassandra Vaylen - Click for Audio Lady Cassandra Vaylen: She is the Chief Guardian of the Crown and acts in-behalf of the High King while he is in hiding. She is older than her brothers: the High King and Lord Theobolt.

Leander Payne - Click for Audio Leander Payne: In the first book, he was the principal of the School of Magical Learning at the Imperial City. He is very strict and doesn’t like to see the rules broken, especially for Simon to attend the school after the deadline of admittance.

Little Har - Click for Audio Little Har: A large Pud (teenager) from Pudo who is befriended by Simon. His thought processes have been hindered by a security collar that he wears. He is Thornapple’s bodyguard.

Lord Theobolt Vaylen - Click for Audio Lord Theobolt Vaylen: He is Cassandra and the High King's brother. He was disfigured because of an alleged battle he had with the Raiders during the Civil War and also because he exposes himself to high concentrations of Electro-Magical energy. He is an ultramage and a Guardian of the Crown. He wears a dark cloak at all times to cover his disfigurement. He yearns for power and is very secretive.

Mayor Gordon - Click for Audio Mayor Gordon: He is the Mayor of Highland City on Pudo but, ironically, has a less conventional way of thinking than his peers, especially regarding the larger Puds.

Merworth - Click for Audio Merworth: He started out as Lord Vaylen’s doctor but surprisingly became a commander, even though he really didn’t have the disposition or experience to be a commander. Lord Vaylen said he needed somone he could trust.

Mr. Doyle - Click for Audio Mr. Doyle: Tonya’s father. He is one of the wealthiest men in the known paraverse. Like Tonya, his hair changes colors to show his emotions. Consequently, he shaves his head so that people won’t know what he’s feeling. He helped to invent the mobile paratransmitter. He has a lot of secrets.

Mrs. Trimble - Click for Audio Mrs. Trimble: This widow was the foster home caretaker on Earth. She was especially interested in Simon because he reminded her of her son who had died in the Vietnam War.

Ralfus/Margo Vaylen - Click for Audio Ralfus/Margo Vaylen: These twins are very close to each other. They are the children of Lord Theobolt Vaylen. When Simon met them, they had been accepted to Hayward University.

Sara, Buz, & Spike - Click for Audio Sara, Buz, & Spike: Sara Parker, Buz Atkins, & Spike Peters were Butch’s friends back on Earth. Sara was the most beautiful girl in school and actually did have a good personality. Buz and Spike, on the other hand, acted as Butch’s henchmen and were very mean to Simon. Buz and Spike’s real first names are not known in the books.

Simon T. Kent - Click for Audio Simon T. Kent: The main character of the Parallel Worlds series. He is a short teenager with brown chestnut hair and brown eyes. He is an orphan who discovered that he has great magical abilities that far surpasses the powers of all others. On Earth, he was quiet and had a low self-esteem but as his abilities grow and as he is thrust into mature situations, he learns to break out of his shell and flower into a grown man.

Tabatha Burke - Click for Audio Tabatha Burke: Tabatha is from a race of cat-like people but her tail has been removed to conceal her identity. She has pointy ears and long white hair. She is part of an organization called the Order of Gee. Because of this, she is an outcast from her race. She uses a combination of magic and karate in her fighting.

Thornapple  Troodle - Click for Audio Thornapple Troodle: Thorn is a dwarf-sized teenager from Pudo. He can be annoying at times because he thinks about himself quite often. Although he is a genius, he wants to be a painter.

Tonya - Click for Audio Tonya: She accidently takes Simon from Earth and strands him onto Pudo. She is a teenager from Chamel, and so her hair changes colors with her mood. Her natural hair color is green. On Pudo, her body was altered so that parts of her brain that normally lay inactive became active. She has a fiery temper (like her father) and can be quite outspoken at times.