First Samaritan Hospital Fulcrum of Life Hard Rock Café Hawthorn's School of Magic
Hayward University Highland City Hollywhip Stadium Imperial City on Paraworld Seven
School of Magical Learning Zapaneen Forest    

First Samaritan Hospital - Click for Audio First Samaritan Hospital: The hospital where Simon was born. In New York.

Fulcrum of Life - Click for Audio Fulcrum of Life: The North star. Because it’s the brightest star in the sky, Tonya’s people on Chamel believe that it points the direction to Heaven.

Hard Rock Café - Click for Audio Hard Rock Café: The restaurant where Simon learns more about Tonya and the "god wall."

Hawthorn's School of Magic - Click for Audio Hawthorn's School of Magic: Another school for the magically gifted. Margo and Rupert Vaylen have been accepted to this school.

Hayward University - Click for Audio Hayward University: University in Highland City where Bo-Bob Dungbeat goes to.

Highland City - Click for Audio Highland City: The capital city on Pudo where the little Puds live. It’s on top of a volcano.

Hollywhip Stadium - Click for Audio Hollywhip Stadium: A stadium on the top of a huge building in Highland City where the Troodles take Simon and Tonya to see a big fight.

Imperial City on Paraworld Seven - Click for Audio Imperial City on Paraworld Seven: The capital city for the known paraverse. The school that Simon goes to is also in this city.

School of Magical Learning - Click for Audio School of Magical Learning: One of the many schools set up to teach gifted students the art of magic. The School of Magical Learning at the Imperial City is where Simon and his friends go to.

Zapaneen Forest - Click for Audio Zapaneen Forest: A forest on Pudo filled with dangers and strange trees. Simon destroyed all of the pussy willow trees on accident.