Actcheem Surapido Aiyee, Aiyee, Aiyee, Bookata Anmasee/Amnasee Balamee
Eenwahs Fly Foonati Halo-Marine
Open Others Protection ReGuardae
Rowque Shawnee Splindore Spliteasto
Valamure Voluminous    

Actcheem Surapido - Click for Audio Actcheem Surapido: Used to stop the Valamure curse, and is even more difficult to cast than the actual Valamure spell.

Aiyee, Aiyee, Aiyee, Bookata - Click for Audio Aiyee, Aiyee, Aiyee, Bookata: The language spell. This spell allows the caster to understand and speak the languages of the people nearby. The user speaks like normal but the words are translated in the ears of the hearers.

Anmasee/Amnasee - Click for Audio Anmasee/Amnasee: Anmasee is used to bend metal. Amnasee is used to melt metal.

Balamee - Click for Audio Balamee: Power balls that hover around hands to protect against laser fire.

Eenwahs - Click for Audio Eenwahs: Turns off the fire of the Shawnee spell.

Fly - Click for Audio Fly: Allows the user to fly or cause something else to fly.

Foonati - Click for Audio Foonati: One of the most basic of spells. It is used to move small objects like light switches.

Halo-Marine - Click for Audio Halo-Marine: Allows you to hover in midair.

Open - Click for Audio Open: Opens locks and doors.

Others - Click for Audio Others: Disappear and reappear, globe that protects Griffen in space, flash of light in hand, light comes from fingers, camouflage on the wall, electrical ropes, etc.

Protection - Click for Audio Protection: A spell which has varying degrees of potency. On the lowest scale, it will send light to blind an enemy, but on the largest scale, it will envelope the caster with a yellow globe of energy. Not only will it defend, but it will also attack with long tendrils of electricity.

ReGuardae - Click for Audio ReGuardae: Creates a staff of energy from midair.

Rowque - Click for Audio Rowque: An offensive spell which throws the userís enemy to the ground.

Shawnee - Click for Audio Shawnee: Normally turns the casterís thumb into a lighter but sometimes it turns Simonís thumb into a flame thrower.

Splindore - Click for Audio Splindore: Wind that attacks enemies.

Spliteasto - Click for Audio Spliteasto: Transforms a piece of wood or staff into Japanese nunchucks.

Valamure - Click for Audio Valamure: Summons a gray wraith who kills on contact. One of the most difficult spells to cast. Requires two wands.

Voluminous - Click for Audio Voluminous: Makes an object larger in size.