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Matthew Peterson
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Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson

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Hello! I hope your holidays were wonderful. January 2009 is finally here, which marks the one-year anniversary of my award-winning YA novel, Paraworld Zero. I must admit that my book's future hasnít been as bright as I had hoped for. Itís hard to stay optimistic when your book hits a couple of bestseller lists and then your publisher (or rather, ex-publisher) runs out of money and stops fulfilling orders. The poor economy has hurt us all in some way or another. I hope that 2009 is a better year for everyone. The audiobook and E-Book, which are now available, look promising, though. Last month was incredible. The audiobook and E-Book versions of Paraworld Zero placed in four contests!

Paraworld Zero Places in 4 More Contests! (3 First-Place Awards and an Honorable Mention)

London and New England Book festivals

Iím actually quite surprised at the success Paraworld Zero had in 2008 regarding book and audiobook contests. In total, it placed in nine contests and was given the Flamingnet TOP CHOICE Award for YA fiction. Iím excited to see that the E-Book and audiobook, which both just came out, are receiving awards now. Last month, my E-Book won 1st place at the London Book Festival and 1st place at the DIY Book Festival. The audiobook also received 1st place at the DIY Book Festival and an honorable mention at the New England Book Festival. Iím very pleased so far, but there are still a few more contests Iím crossing my fingers on. Wish me luck!

Tip for Entering Book Contests: In a previous newsletter I suggested that if you're going to submit to a book contest, try to enter in more than one category if possible. I followed my own advice and entered Paraworld Zero in both the E-Book and the Audiobook categories of the DIY Book Festival. Luck me, I got 1st place in both categories!

The Holidays Are OVER!

Peterson Christmas

Back when I was younger I loved Christmas and the other holidays, but lately Iíve become less enthusiastic about them. Money and stress is a huge contributor to this. In the past, December was a time to get out of school/work and relax, but for the past three years, that hasnít really been the case for me. Iíve been so busy that Iíve hardly been able to enjoy my vacations. I canít seem to relax any more or put my responsibilities on hold. I think it stems from the months after I got laid off when I was working 20+ hours a day. I still work long hours--the only difference is that Iím not getting paid for it... yet. My wife jokes with me about that, but she still supports what Iím doing. Crazy girl!

Something happened last month that surprised me. Since money was tight, we decided to have a small Christmas. The boys spent one dollar each, and Alicia and I spent twenty dollars for each other and the boys. Thatís still probably more than some families spent. Alicia surprised me when she pulled out all these extra toys that she had purchased ten years ago. I remember it was a sacrifice when we had bought those toys, especially since we were both in school and didnít even have kids yet!

Anyway, when we were finished opening presents, we found a big sack of gifts that someone had left at our doorstep. This sack contained more toys than our boys had gotten for their entire Christmas. Alicia and I wisely took out the appropriate toys that the boys could have now and stored the rest for birthday gifts, since we suspect that the money will be tight for the rest of the year as well. This act of kindness from our mysterious secret Santa(s) made me realize that I, too, needed to look for more ways to brighten other peopleís lives. My family did a service project last month, went caroling, and wrote letters, but perhaps next year we can do more. Although I try to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, perhaps thatís something I need to do better at this year.

Funny Story About the Santa Photos:  One of my twins told me that he suspected that the person dressed as Santa was really the ďbug guyĒ (i.e. the guy who sprays our bugs). I asked why he thought that, and my boy said, ďbecause nobody else has eyebrows like that.Ē Funny thing is that he was correct! I then got a surprised look on my face and said, ďAre you telling me that the bug guy is really Santa Claus?!Ē

The Status of Book Two

Paraworld Zero Audio Book

Iím still plugging away at the next installment of the Parallel Worlds series. Iím kind of a perfectionist (and Iím easily distracted), so itís taking longer than expected. I was hoping to keep the book below 80,000 words, but I think Iím going to go over. I just keep adding additional chapters. The other ďproblemĒ is that Iím fleshing out the secondary characters more in this book than I did in the first one. Iím utterly surprised (yet pleased) with how it's coming along. The ending is going to be a real shocker. Iíve definitely put more romance in this one. Must be the Twilight craze that has affected me. The characters are a little older too, so that helps. I suspect that Iíll be sending it out to publishers/agents by the end of the month.

Oh, by the way, BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com both lowered the price about ten bucks for the 10-CD audiobook of Paraworld Zero, so I followed suit on my website as well. If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to a sample or give it a review, check it out at AudibleKids.com.

My Plans for the Future: My next project will be to create a website for authors and fans of all genres of books/movies. I get questions all the time about publishing and agents, so hopefully this will become a great asset for people. More on this later... much later.

Last remarks...

Thank you for your kind emails, reviews, and support. They really do help. I have another homework assignment for you all, and it should only take sixty seconds. Before Jan 14th, go to http://critters.org/predpoll/novelsf.shtml and click the "Paraworld Zero" button (the books are in alphabetical order), then scroll down to the bottom of the page, type in your name and email, click "Submit Data," then check your email and click on the link they send you for the confirmation of your vote. They'll delete your email after the contest is over. Have a wonderful 2009!


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