March 2009

Matthew Peterson
Author of the Parallel Worlds Series

Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson

Upcoming Events

Apr 17, 2009  8:30-10:30 am
Vistancia Elementary
I'll be a judge for a speech event

Apr 18, 2009  9-5 pm
Grand Desert Day
Morristown Library in AZ

July 2-5, 2009
FiestaCon (WesterCon 62)
Tempe, AZ

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Hey there! The biggest news I have to share with you is that Paraworld Zero just became a finalist for the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year awards in the audiobook category. Also, I finished writing my second book! It took me about 5 months, with a few weeks of interruption, but itís finally complete . . . just in time for the Bologna childrenís book show this month. Iím going to edit it a bit before sending it out to publishers. Wish me luck.

Magical Learning is Finished!

Hong Kong Orchid Tree

I finished writing my second book in the Parallel Worlds series last month! I think Iíll call it Magical Learning. It ended up being about 97,000 words (roughly 400 pages), which is 3,000 words less than my first book, Paraworld Zero. I had planned on making it about 300 pages, but a few chapters in my outline ended up becoming 2 or 3 . . . or 5 in one case. Iím super excited because the book ended up being better than I had expected. Now, on to the editing process. . . .

Spring is coming: That flower in the picture came from our Hong Kong orchid tree. Hundreds of those beautiful flowers blossomed in our tree last month.

Jared Broke his Foot

Jared broke his foot

I know many of you have been wondering about my little boy, Jared. Last time I mentioned that he fell down the stairs and hurt his foot. Well, after about four x-rays, we were finally told that he did break his ankle; however, the bone is healing quite nicely, and Jaredís been putting weight on his foot again. Heís more cautious on the stairs now. His entire existence has been one big drama, but heís worth it.

Personal Note: Jared has four separate therapists that he sees every week. We discovered that the Government will possibly cover his insurance until heís six. At that time, theyíll give him an IQ test to see if he can keep the coverage for life. Otherwise, heíll be stuck without insurance, since he's uninsurable. Either way, all procedures on his heart will be covered until heís 21, so thatís a relief.

School and Library Visits

Matthew Peterson and Pauletta Augustine at Vistancia Elementary

Vistancia Elementary

Matt and Christine Nolen at Country Meadows Elementary
Country Meadows Elementary

During the past few weeks, Iíve visited several schools and libraries, including Vistancia Elementary, Country Meadows Elementary, the Palm Springs library, and the Glendale Foothills library. Every book event I go to is fun, but I think I enjoy visiting schools the most, because the kids are usually so excited to have me come. One school scheduled me to do six presentations (about 100 kids in each session) back-to-back without a microphone. I now have newfound respect for all those teachers out there who do this every day!

School Visits: If your school needs an author, let me know. Iím willing to travel. Elementary and middle schools (i.e. junior high) are best, but I have presented to high school kids with great success.

Last remarks...

Well, now that my second book is finished, I thought Iíd have time to do some other things like clean my office and create my author-friendly website, but Iím finding that Iím busier than before! Anyway, thanks for all of your support. Pass the word on about Paraworld Zero (ISBN 978-0-9819227-3-7).


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