August 2009

Matthew Peterson
Author of the Parallel Worlds Series

Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson

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Hi there! This is going to be a more personal newsletter and less businesslike. Life has become incredibly busy since my house caught on fire last month. But we are finally in a rental home! Hurray! No progress on repairing our damaged home, though. Weíve been told by contractors that itíll take at least half-a-year. Booo! As for the writing front, Iíve put some of that on hold for the moment. I did get invited to be a radio talk show host. I haven't accepted yet. Tell me, would you be interested in listening to a weekly online radio show of me interviewing popular authors?

One Week After the Fire

In the Fire Truck

Wouldnít you know it? The week after the fire, my boys got invited to visit a fire station and then played in an inflatable fire truck at a neighborís house. My children have been coping pretty well with the fire. There were some tears at first when they saw the damage, but so many people have pitched in with toys and clothing, that theyíre happy now. Thanks!

If You Have a House Fire: Leave EVERYTHING you possibly can in the house (except perhaps for financial and personal stuff like credit and social security cards, birth certificates, etc.) so the insurance company can do a full inventory. Make sure you have replacement coverage, instead of just repair coverage. You'll thank me later. If your insurance company deems that an item needs to be replaced, what Iíve been told is that they will give you the depreciated value of the item (i.e. say twenty percent less than what you got it for), but if you end up replacing the exact item for more than the depreciated value, the insurance company will reimburse you for the difference. At least, ours will.

One Month After the Fire!

Matt's beard

Iím entitling this picture, "One Month After the Fire." Sad thing is that this is only three weeks growth for my beard. I know what youíre thinking. My poor wife! Well, she had a cold sore, so our marriage is still intact. I hate shaving. Iím the type of guy who gets his 5 oíclock shadow before lunch.

Another Insurance Tip: Make sure you have enough insurance. Iíve been told that most people donít have enough to cover their structure and possessions. We were fortunate to have quite a lot of insurance. Thereís a third insurance that covers the adjusted living expenses. This overlooked insurance pays for some or all your rental home, hotel stay, travel, food, etc., while your home is being repaired. Since we have such a high claim, we're still waiting for the initial check to reimburse us for our possessions, but we did get an advance a month ago to help tide us over.

Ouch! Shave Off that Beard Like a Real Man

Matt Shaving his Beard

I donít suggest using a sharp knife like this to shave off a beard. My boys call that knife "the machete." Theyíre afraid to even touch it, and for good reason. After trying and trying to shave off my beard, my wife finally buzzed it off with an electric razor for cutting hair. Good riddance!

Final Tip for Disasters: Many of you wanted to know from my last newsletter if I was able to recover my second book, which most of you havenít read yet, since it hasnít been published yet. The answer is a resounding YES! Now for the tip. Backup! Backup! Backup! I made some offline backups of my book, so there were no worries there. But I didnít have any offline backups of some of my family DVDs and tapes. Subsequently, I wasnít able to recover some of our family footage (like our wedding), because the media is just too far gone. Lesson learned: backup your stuff in a fireproof safe or offline. Sad thing is that I do have a fireproof safe! I just hadnít bothered to use it.

Last remarks...

I wasn't going to announce this yet, but it's taking forever for the audiobook to get converted over, so I'll just mention that the E-Book of Paraworld Zero is now available from (also known as ContentReserve) as ePUB, Adobe PDF, Mobipocket, and MS Reader versions. The audiobook should be available shortly. This means you can now download it from places like and Also, many of your local libraries can now order the electronic version of Paraworld Zero through OverDrive! So please do me a favor... If your library offers downloadable books from their website (I know mine does), please request that they order Paraworld Zero. Thanks a ton for spreading the word! Until next time....


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