September 2009

Matthew Peterson
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Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson

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Hello! A lot has happened since the last newsletter, so Iíll just jump right in. I accepted the role as a host for the VoiceAmerica radio show that I mentioned last time, and I've already started interviewing some international bestselling authors. I was also interviewed on a PBS show in Tucson, AZ (Arizona Illustrated), and I finally started updating my website with helpful tips for new authors. Check it out at (Itís just a start, and Iíll be adding more in the next few months).

My Worldwide Radio Show Airs Oct 15th!

VoiceAmerica Radio Show

The Author Hour: Your Guide to Fantastic Fiction. Catchy name, huh? My show airs Oct 15th (Thursdays at 9 am Pacific / 12 pm Eastern) on the Variety channel. VoiceAmerica (owned by Modavox) is the world leader in live Internet talk radio, with millions of monthly listeners. I already have an impressive lineup of international bestselling authors like Terry Pratchett (Discworld series, over 65 million books sold), Diana Gabaldon (Outlander series), Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles), Ursula K. Le Guin (The Earthsea Cycle), Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse series / True Blood on HBO), and a bunch more. Check out for a sneak peak of the authors that will be on my radio show. Since the show is online, you can listen to it live or download it later at your leisure, and to answer the main question I got last month: you don't have to sign up or pay anything to listen to my show. I do advise that you go to since that site will link to the show page on, and it will also include the transcribed interviews with bonus questions that didn't make it onto the show. Please tell your friends and family about The Author Hour!

Have a Suggestion for the Show? Right now I'm hand-selecting my guests, but if you have some suggestions of popular authors, send me an email and let me know. I might just ask them to be on the show. The main qualifications are that they do have to write something in the speculative fiction vein like fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, time travel, urban fantasy, etc., and they do need to be well-known. I like YA authors, too (hmm. I wonder why). Most of the authors I'm booking are New York Times bestselling authors. This is because my sponsors (which I'm still acquiring) and my listeners expect to hear popular authors.

Watch my Interview on Arizona Illustrated on PBS

Arizona Illustrated on PBS

I was on an airplane a while back after being one of the celebrity guests at a comic book convention in Florida, and the person sitting next to me happened to be one of the hosts of Arizona Illustrated. Last month he interviewed me on his show. You can watch it at

Inside the Interview: I actually enjoy doing TV and radio interviews. When I was little Iíd nearly hyperventilate when getting up in front of people to speak, but as I got older that fear went away and now I love speaking to large audiences. Sidenote: Doesn't my wife dress me nicely? Our whole marriage, she's bought every scrap of clothing I own, including my shoes. I don't even go with her to the store. Yeah, I know... I'm lazy.

Finished with Scouting . . . for now

Matt with Fish
Jared with Catfish

Okay, so Iíve been working with the cub scouts for a while now (my twins are Bear scouts), but Iím not doing that anymore... until I get asked again. I have 5 boys, mind you, so the writing is on the wall. These pictures were fun. I used to do a lot of fishing when I was young. That catfish was almost as big as the one I caught when I was a kid.... yeah, right! I did catch a 2-foot walleye once when I was a kid. One of these days, I'll post the photo on my newsletter. By the way, that's me in my scout uniform, if you didn't notice.

My Scouting History: Some of you might know that I am an Eagle Scout. I highly encourage kids to get into scouting, since it teaches values, patriotism, skills, and camaraderie.

Last remarks...

Thatís about it for this newsletter. I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day earlier this week. I spent the day getting a new exercise recumbent bike (very nice), flying on an airplane (my brother got married), and interviewing international bestselling author Terry Pratchett at the Discworld convention. Heís sold over 65 million books! Crazy chicken! He'll be my first guest. Listen to my radio show on on Oct 15th at 9 am pacific to hear his interview. Until next time....


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