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Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson

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Hello there! I hope you survived tax season (as always, I turned my return in on the last day), and I hope you enjoyed Easter weekend. Letís see, whatís next? Oh, Motherís Day! Here's a summary of this newsletter: I had a table at a book fair and did another radio interview. My wife got stung by a scorpion and my little boy got his G-Tube removed! Other news is that my webserver crashed and I lost some data and a lot of time (my email was down for a few days, so if you tried to send me something and I didn't respond, try again). The upside of the crash was that I updated my forum. Check it out at http://ParaWorlds.net

Grand Desert Day Festival

Grand Desert Days Festival

I have no idea who these kids are in the picture, but their mom said I could put this photo on my newsletter. This is my third year at the Grand Desert Day Festival in Morristown, Arizona. Out of the dozens of book events Iíve gone to, itís by far the smallest one. Itís a nice fair but they stick us authors in a small one-room library/classroom, away from everyone. Since the fair is outside, not many people come into the library or even know weíre there. I do pride myself in selling a book to just about every single kid who entered the library... all except for one 8-year old who ran excitedly to tell his mom about my book but never came back.

I'm doing presentations to 6 schools in the next couple weeks, so that should be way fun. I love talking to the kids. Get more info about my presentation at http://paraworlds.com/visits/.

Final Time: I'm giving away my book for $5 (normally $16.99) plus the cost of shipping. U.S. orders only. Just click here to order and enter this code when you check out: discountbook

Jim Butcher interview

Jim Butcher

Jim Butcherís interview aired on my show last week. Heís the #1 New York Times best-selling author who wrote the Dresden Files, which was adapted for TV on the Syfy (i.e. Si Fi) channel a while ago. I loved the show but it was cancelled after the first season, despite it doing very well with viewers. You can listen to Jimís interview at http://TheAuthorHour.com/jim-butcher/

Scorpion Attack!


I donít know how your Easter vacation was, but for my wife it ended badly. We were outside on the lawn when she suddenly jumped up and started hopping around yelping, "ouch, ouch, ouch!" I thought an ant had bit her, but upon closer observation I found a tiny scorpion. I was going to take a picture of it for the newsletter but someone smashed it into nothing. So the picture you see is not the one that stung her. Itís another scorpion that I killed in our garage when we first moved into our home a few years ago. Itís WAY bigger than the one that stung my wife. She felt the pain for several days.



Jared has Only One Belly Button Now!


Weíve been waiting for this moment for around three years now... Jared finally got his G-tube removed! If you asked him what it was, he'd say it's his "second belly button" or his "plastic belly button." We used that little thing to feed him. He no longer needs it! We've been so cautious for so long, it's going to take us some time to not be scared when we pick him up or hug him.



Last remarks...

I understand that Paraworld Zero was published in India this month. I should be getting a copy of it any day now. It takes a couple of weeks for the mail to get here from India, so I hope to post the cover in the next newsletter. Oh, and my house is coming along but we got some bad news yesterday. We sent in a long list of items that the insurance company and our public adjuster missed from the fire (a TV, a guitar, etc.) and after four months we finally got a response from the insurance company that they don't believe that they missed anything. It's a good thing I kept online receipts for most of the things I bought and that I took pictures and video of everything after the fire. I hope it doesn't take another four months for them to reply. That's ridiculous. So here's my tip of the day: take pictures of everything you own and store those pictures outside of your house, just in case you have to deal with the insurance company one day. Talk to you next time....


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