May 2010

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Hello there! Hope youíre enjoying summer. Weíre already starting to get into the triple digits where I am. Yikes! Just another month or so and weíll be back in our home that was destroyed. Yahoo! I should warn you that Iím going to share a few political views in this newsletter, so Iím sorry if I offend anyone. As my wife can attest, Iím quite opinionated, though Iím usually not very vocal with my opinions.

Highlights from the Publishing World


Despite layoffs and downsizing, overall bookstore sales in the U.S. have had a slight rise over the past few months. With all the constant gloom and doom Iíve been hearing, this is some pretty good news. Keep reading everyone!

The BookExpo America (BEA) is next week in New York! It's the biggest event in the U.S. for everyone in the book industry like publishers, agents, distributors, librarians, and booksellers. I had a booth at the BEA a couple years ago when it was in L.A. and I had an utter blast. If I remember correctly, I think I gave out 400 copies of Paraworld Zero. I also got a couple of contracts signed from that event as well.

School Presentations, AZ Prop 100, and Illegal Aliens

Zuni Hills
Zuni Hills Elementary

Alta Loma Elementary
Alta Loma Elementary

Cotton Boll Elementary
Cotton Boll Elementary

Coyote Hills Elementary
Coyote Hills Elementary

Ira A Murphy Elementary
Ira A Murphy Elementary

I did quite a few school presentations over the past few weeks. One school had me do six presentations back-to-back. Whew! Thatís the most Iíve done in one day before. I really enjoy talking to the kids, but Iíve discovered that speaking to 4th graders is a lot easier than speaking to 8th graders, at least when it comes to reading. It just seems like the older kids donít read as much as the younger ones.

One hot topic of discussion with the librarians was Prop 100 in Arizona. Many were concerned that they might lose their jobs if it didnít pass (it eventually passed). I have some mixed feelings about Prop 100. Basically, Arizonaís leaders decided that the main thing they could cut in their budget to save our economy was our schooling (i.e. libraries, arts, music, sports, etc). Say what? So they decided to raise taxes 1% for 3 years, which puts Arizona into the 8th highest tax bracket in the country (it was already above average in the first place). Two-thirds of the money will supposedly go to schools... unless our government happens to siphon it off to other things somehow. My complaint is not that the schools will get more money. My complaint is that they should already have been given top priority in the first place.

We already paid our taxes to support the schools, and because of mismanagement of funds (and other factors, which I'll mention below), our leaders got us into this bind. Now theyíre twisting our arms to vote for Prop 100, which of course I voted for. And in three years from now, theyíll twist our arms again, because this is just a band-aid. It doesnít solve the real problem.

I also have a bone to pick with Sun City, which I currently live in. Because Sun City is filled mostly with retired people, theyíve convinced the government to exclude them from having to pay taxes towards schools. Iím sure someone elseís taxes paid for their schooling, but theyíre not willing to pay for other peopleís schooling. Huh?

Another thing that could help solve this problem is if we fix this illegal alien situation we have in Arizona. Itís easy for outsiders to point the finger to us "bigoted Arizonans" when they donít understand the full problem. Many illegal aliens who come across the Mexican border have a large amount of drugs on them for drug dealers to sell in America. Itís just part of their fare for crossing the border. Human trafficking and being forced into sweat shops are common fares as well. Our taxes go to pay for their medical bills, schooling, accidents, and any crimes they may commit. In return, many of them do not pay income taxes, which would help offset the resources they've exploited from the rest of us.

Although many of them are wonderful, hard working people, I still believe that anyone who is dishonest enough to enter a country illegally, who typically refuses to learn the native language, and who skirts paying certain taxes BUT is willing to reap the benefits of schooling, medical, and other services is a drain on that society. Any other country would deport them.

Donít get me wrong, Iím perfectly fine if someone wants to come into the country legally and pay full taxes like everyone else. But like a ship about to sink, Arizona cannot afford to harbor more illegal aliens. We must protect our borders. For the illegal aliens already in the country, letís help them to become legal and financially accountable so our Government won't have to raise taxes again in order for our schools to function properly. Let's encourage them to learn English so they can have greater opportunities to succeed. For the ones committing crimes, let's send them back to where they came from, plain and simple.

Pizza for Mothers Day!


Onto a lighter subject, I thought Iíd show you a picture of the pizza I made for my wife for Mothers Day. Itís been about 20 years since I made pizza, so I wasnít sure if it was going to turn out. It was deep dish with a million toppings. I was very proud of myself, but in the end it might have been cheaper for me to just get it from Pizza Hut!



Last remarks...

Well, last month I told you about the predicament we had with our insurance company not believing us about many of the items we owned. I spent hours rounding up pictures of those items that were in the house. Fortunately, I took a video of everything in the house right after the fire. Their response was that they still didnít believe that they could have made a mistake. Yeah, right. Tell me, who has a huge entertainment center WITHOUT a TV in it? Yes, they actually missed a large TV from their inventory. Obviously, they didnít even look at the pictures. They asked for receipts and asked us the current condition of the items, as if we could still use them. Oh, how convenient, since they paid a crew months ago to throw everything away. Anyway, Iím sure weíll get this resolved one way or another. Donít forget about Fathers Day everyone. Talk to you next time....


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