October 2010

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Howdy there! Read any good books lately? Iím on book five of the Pendragon series. Yep, theyíre still keeping my interest. I just heard that according to 14 large publishers, ebook sales this year have almost doubled from last year. Fantastic news! I do all my "reading" (or rather listening) in the car as I drive to work. It sure makes the drive more enjoyable.

Hey, is that a Python?!

Matt with Snake

What words would you use to described the picture to the left? Yes, that is a live python wrapped around my neck. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... well, after some recent studies, perhaps a picture is worth only 800 words. I read an article recently that I canít seem to find, so I Googled some keywords to track down similar articles that mention that teenagers today have a far less vocabulary (like 50 to 75% less) than teenagers had from the 1950's. You can attribute this "dumbing down" of vocabulary to video games, texting, TV, etc.

One article from earlier this year said, "A generation of teenagers risk making themselves unemployable because they are using a vocabulary of about 800 words a day, according to the governmentís first childrenís communication czar... McEnery found that the top 20 words used by teenagers, including Ďyeahí, Ďnoí and Ďbutí, account for about a third of all words used."

Wow! Just makes you wonder what it'll be like in 20 years from now. I still use complete sentences when using IM and chat programs. Does that make me a loser? Actually, my work just got me my first mobile phone this month. It's official: I'm no longer the only person in the civilized world without a mobile phone.

Ice Cream... Food of the Gods!

Ice Cream

Okay, so my wife came home the other day with around 15 cartons of Blue Bunny ice cream. She found some super deal where she got them for less than a dollar a piece. Itís a good thing we have a stand-alone freezer! Letís just say that eating two bowls of ice cream every night is starting to affect my weight. After we took this grand picture, I found a few more cartons in the freezer. Oh, joy rapture!

For inquiring minds, my favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip, bunny tracks, pistachio... Donít get me started! I think Iíll go have another bowl. Donít tell my wife.

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Arrow of LightMatt the Indian

My twins just turned 11 this week and they earned their Arrow of Light and "The Big 20" patch for earning all of the pins they can as a Webelos Cub Scout. Theyíre moving on, but Iíll still be the Webelos Den Leader for the next batch of scouts.

For their advancement ceremony to Boy Scouts, I dressed up as an Indian Chief and danced around a HUGE bon fire. It was tons of fun.

Last remarks...

Well, that's it for this month. We still donít have blinds but my wife did get some material to make curtains. Itís like the insurance company, builder, and public adjuster for our house fire have all turned their backs on us. Anyway, hope your Halloween is splendid. Iíll try to include pictures of our costumes next month. Until next time....


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