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ParaWorld Zero
by Matthew Peterson
  Griffen Lasher
Update: Paraworld Zero hit the top-50 bestseller list!

The audiobook is 12 hours and 30 minutes long and contains over 100 character voices.

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Audiobook: 12.5 hours, 2 narrators, and 100 voices!
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MATTHEW PETERSON: Paraworld Zero (Unabridged Audiobook - 12.5 Hours) (MP3, WMA)
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6x9 Trade Paperback: 251 pages, 30 illustrations

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Simon Kent is just an ordinary teenager trying to cope with the loss of his parents and the bullies at the local high school . . . or so he thinks. After meeting an outspoken girl with strange hair that changes colors with her mood, he is swept into a futuristic world filled with dragonlike creatures, vast technology, and enslaved giants.

But Simon also stumbles upon a secret: He can perform magic in this parallel world! While fighting mystical creatures, unraveling an ancient mystery, and even experiencing his first kiss, Simon discovers that he, an outsider from Earth, is the only person who can save the high-tech planet from an impending doom.

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Matthew Peterson and his book, Paraworld Zero, was featured on NBC (channel 12 KPNX in Phoenix, AZ) and on The Artist's Craft (channel 10 in Raleigh, NC). Matthew was also a guest blogger and featured author on several websites including,, and

In 2008, a news article centered on Matthew Peterson's book, Paraworld Zero, life and writing was published by 75 to 100 newspapers with an estimated readership to be in the millions. An email was also sent to over five million opt-in scifi/fantasy readers.

Planned Television Arts scheduled 18 morning radio interviews for Matthew in January, which included USA Radio and its 275 nationwide affiliates. Over 5 million listeners heard the interviews. Matthew has many hours of acting and teaching experience. View the full Radio Interview Schedule

Matthew exhibited at the 2008 BookExpo America in Los Angeles (booth #5741), the 2008 Public Library Association Conference in Minneapolis (booth #1326), the 2008 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (booth #929), and the New York Book Festival. He is also participating in several fantasy/science fiction conventions including WorldCon, Nebulas, CopperCon, TusCon and the World Fantasy Convention.

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Book Information

Title: Paraworld Zero (Parallel Worlds, Book 1)
Author/Illustrator: Matthew Peterson
Narrators: Matthew and Alicia Peterson
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Science Fiction
Ages: 9 and up

6 x 9 Trade Paperback

Publisher: Blue Works (imprint of Windstorm Creative)
Windstorm lost the rights. I'm seeking a new publisher!
Publication Date: January 2008
Pages: 251
Illustrations: 30
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 978-1-59092-491-4

Audiobook (12 hours and 28 minutes long)

Publication Dates: July/October 2008

Basic Audiobook MP3-CD (128 bitrate): $29.95.
ISBN: 978-0-9819227-1-3

Premium Audiobook MP3-DVD (256 bitrate): $39.95
Includes E-Book & nearly 4 hours of audio/video extras
ISBN: 978-0-9819227-2-0

10-CD Audiobook (5.4 x 7.5 x 1.3 inches): $49.95
ISBN: 978-0-9819227-3-7
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Matthew Peterson donates around 13% of his gross earnings to charitable organizations, some of which help clothe and feed the needy.